Goodness….nursing can be draining

Nurses go through so much all day everyday. I say that because aside from being a mom or dad, daughter or son, husband, wife, or significant other; you are a nurse. That exists 24hrs a day. How many times have you gone home and worried that you may not have done everything for a patient or gotten up to call in to ask questions about documentation? I know I have and that’s pretty much how my mind operates. It’s constantly thinking about how to advocate for the patients, how to increase access of care, all the political uprising that’s taken place since the new election. All these affect nurses mentally, physically, and emotionally. What are your thoughts? How can we alleviate some of the stressors that we face on a day to day basis as nurses?

Introducing ShesThatRN

This blog allows me to freely express my journey as a nurse, author, speaker, writer, business owner and blogger. The title simply identifies my gift to the world as a nurse. There are so many phenomenal nurses out there who exemplify “ShesThatRN.” I guess you know by now that it specifies females, but know that I understand there are male nurses who “HesThatRN” as well. You are not forgotten and I am grateful to share my platform with you also. Let’s just be ourselves, talk about the issues, come up with solutions, and take this journey together. My blog is my opinion and my truth and I choose to share it with the world. You may agree, disagree or have no comment and that is fine. Please be mindful that when commenting, it is important to be respectful no matter your opinion. I welcome you to come along for this ride as I learn about myself and share that with you. When it’s all said and done, I am my nurse sister and brother’s keeper!

When you’re fit to be tired

So, today was a rather tiring day of meetings and trainings for the managers and leaders in my organization. Me, myself was fit to be tired of an all day session of countless problems and no real resolution. Not to mention no one feels I’m qualified to be in management so they give me a hard way to go when I chime in and give input. It’s frustrating to say the least, but I got through the day. I went off a few times, but not before trying to stay quiet. They just insisted that I speak and so I let em have it. I am a huge patient advocate, but I’m also an advocate for the ones who work on the ground in the trenches. Being a manager hasn’t made me think any less of my staff who work all day seeing patients. As a nurse, I was often frustrated that no one listened to our concerns or even bothered to advocate for those of us working at the bedside. I never wanted to be in management because of this reason, but vowed to never forget where I came from if I did. I also felt that it’s important to voice the concerns of our people who are leveraged to reach the goals of businesses. I am my sisters and brothers keeper. I get fit to be tired, but as long as I’m in a position to fight, I will do so for any and everyone, not just my patients. Because the truth is if we don’t take care of those who care for others, who will? Be vigilant!!!!!!! Working people matter.