Embracing the Power of “No”: A Gateway to Empowerment and Self-Care

Today we will take a captivating journey through self-discovery and personal growth. We’re delving into a topic that often goes unnoticed in our busy lives: the transformative power of uttering a single word— “no.” In a world of endless obligations, expectations, and demands, we are constantly torn between what others want from us and whatContinue reading “Embracing the Power of “No”: A Gateway to Empowerment and Self-Care”

Navigating the Journey of Grief

Grief is a natural and deeply personal experience that accompanies loss, whether it’s the passing of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or a significant life transition. While grief can feel overwhelming, it is important to remember that healing is possible. In this guide, we will explore some essential strategies and self-care practicesContinue reading “Navigating the Journey of Grief”

Father & Son…It Wasn’t Suppose To Be This Way

Sometimes I don’t feel like doing what my heart or mind tells me to do. I’ve wanted to write about the loss of you two for a while but haven’t conjured up enough energy to do it. I am here because I saw this picture, which made me sit down and write. I’m unsure whatContinue reading “Father & Son…It Wasn’t Suppose To Be This Way”

God’s Love BECAUSE of Me and Not Despite Me

It’s a new year, and God has already given me revelations. I woke up around 5am Tuesday morning, standing in the kitchen at the stove. He told me, “Sharon, I love you because of you, not despite you.” You see, I always thank God for loving me despite me. What he showed me is thatContinue reading “God’s Love BECAUSE of Me and Not Despite Me”

Dishonorable Discharge

I’ve been in a dead space lately. I mean, I’ve had a wonderful launch of my new business, and it was amazing, to say the least. I know I had been speaking about walking away from the bedside for a while, but I literally jumped out on faith and did it. I trust God toContinue reading “Dishonorable Discharge”

I’m Pregnant Y’all

Well, I’ve been pregnant for quite some time now. My journey has had me in labor for a really long time. My brother just passed away, and God has my full attention. I understood that the pain from his death was pushing me or instead forcing me into the labor process. It’s time to startContinue reading “I’m Pregnant Y’all”

Keep The Faith

This will be a quick one for those reading my blog tonight. I’ve been noticing quite a few things lately. And I must say I don’t really like some of it, but such as life. I am moving in many directions, and the good thing is I have open ears. So, I can clearly hearContinue reading “Keep The Faith”

Don’t Quit

I’ve been working on several projects since I returned from Texas. I work quietly and try to stay focused even though it may look like I’m doing nothing to others. I am always doing something:) I’ve been working on ways to make passive income, but with things I love. Now here’s the thing about doingContinue reading “Don’t Quit”