Hard Times

Something happened and it had me feeling emotional and off-balance last evening. I went into my colleague’s patient’s room to sign off on medication for his patient. Without thinking, because I’m a helper and not realizing that he was taking care of an end-of-life patient. I stepped into the room and I could hear whatContinue reading “Hard Times”

The Importance of “Presence and Touch”

I thought I’d take a moment to stop and talk about how important it is to have a “presence and touch.” Many times we go about our day, and we take for granted our interactions with others. It’s just another day, another hug, another kiss, another look into someone’s eyes until it isn’t. I amContinue reading “The Importance of “Presence and Touch””

April Cook Salon

Hey, hey, hey y’all. I’m back, starting out my week by promoting a young, very talented young lady named April. April has her own hair salon business in the DMV area. April Cook Salon LLC provides her clients with an opportunity to express their own individual personality and fun side without ever going against theirContinue reading “April Cook Salon”