The Importance of “Presence and Touch”

I thought I’d take a moment to stop and talk about how important it is to have a “presence and touch.” Many times we go about our day, and we take for granted our interactions with others. It’s just another day, another hug, another kiss, another look into someone’s eyes until it isn’t. I am definitely an introvert and prefer “most of the time” to be by myself. One, because I love myself and spending time with me, and second, I hate crowds, socializing and just having casual activities unless I’m with people I know. You have to remember that being a nurse places you in the presence of a ton of people all day. However, coming home to an empty house with no one there for almost 3 months can be a little taxing on the mental psyche even for an introvert. I really miss having my friends and family over to hang out and have that time to interact on a physical level.

Every day I talk to my dad and hear him express loneliness from being quarantined off from people. He is a mixture of introvert and extrovert. He likes to socialize and go to church and visit family, those types of activities. Now, it’s a silence that is unexplainable, and he can’t do anything about it. I caution him that his age places him at a higher risk of getting sick, so only venture out if necessary. I can hear the anguish in his voice and visualize the tears as he discloses how much this pandemic has taken a toll on him both physically and mentally. But hasn’t it done that to us all to some degree? I don’t know about you, but I’ve become very lonely during this time. I come home to a big empty house because both my sons have been away since it started. Of course, I have to protect myself because being an asthmatic places me at a higher risk for respiratory reasons. So, being by myself is what I’ve chosen to do until things get better.

I know the governors are opening up the states, but let’s just slow down a second and think about what that means for us all. I understand the financial hardship aspect, but we have to consider the whole picture and not just part of it. The government needs to develop other ways to help society meet its needs in terms of finances, etc. because the risks of having everyone out and about are far greater than the benefits. I’m on the fence. I look at things from a medical perspective and its impact on our society and country. I don’t wish anyone to live their lives in fear. If you must, and many will go out and about, please use common sense and discretion for the sake of yourselves and your communities.

I am coming to an end of my more than a year stent in oncology, and it’s bittersweet for me. I’m going to miss all the beautiful people I’ve met, and that’s nurses, healthcare professionals, doctors, and patients. It’s been an incredible ride and one in which I never thought I’d get through. Losing my mom to cancer made me wary of going into this specialty, but it has been the most fantastic time of my career. I’ve learned, I’ve loved, I’ve lost and conquered one of my fears. I am not sure where I’m off to next, but I hope it presents another great experience in nursing. I love to nurture and take care of people, but this experience taught me how to receive much of what I’m used to giving to others. I pray that you all stay safe no matter what you decide to do or have to do to move on in your lives. Be healthy and wise with a focus on being intentional about how you move throughout this pandemic. And of course…

Until Next Time,


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