I Can’t Sleep…….UGH!!!

Here I am up at 12:46am writing to my fellow RN’s. I started off as a rotation nurse, so I worked both nights and days. That took a toll on my sleep pattern and my body never adjusted. I really wanted night shift and was able to get a new job from 7p-7a. Some nights were hard only when I hadn’t gotten enough sleep during the day. But for the most part I love working the night shift. I’ve always been what my father referred to as a “night owl” and that’s why I loved that shift. Fast forward to getting a job that was solely days. Let me tell you, that was an adjustment. I had to learn to sleep at night and stay awake during the day and boy was that hard. Now, I have the same daytime schedule and my sleep habits are horrible. I’m completely exhausted, but my body won’t wind down and let me go to sleep. So, I’ve been laying here thinking about a million and one things and decided to get up and write about this. Hopefully, I’ll be able to close my eyes after this. I may have to put on my night-time meditation to sooth me and let me wind down and drift off. I have a very early morning appointment so I need to be sleep. I know I can’t be the only one who has this problem….just in general. Someone has got to understand my grief lol. Being tired is one thing….being sleepy is another…..I’m just sleepy. At least I feel my eyes getting heavy now so maybe that’s my signal to sign off and go to bed. Part of nurses problems are turning off work, and taking care of ourselves. That includes proper sleep time….so, don’t be like me. Take the time to get enough rest because you’re no good to yourself or your patients if you don’t. Have a beautiful night all. I’m going to practice what I preach:}

Published by ShesThatRN

I am an RN working on my DNP, preparing to launch several aspects of my new business and writing and getting ready to publish my first book. I love to write so blogging seemed like a great way to naturally express myself and publish my journey as a nurse.

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