When They Think You’re Nobody Special:)

I sometimes sit back and think about people, places, and things. I tend to be more of an observer and not much of a talker. I’m a lot more observant of how people treat me now then I had been before. I used to give people a pass, trust them until they did something horrible that made me not believe them and seek other’s validation to determine who I was, am, am going to be, etc. Life, however, teaches you better when you’re open to learning. People will look at you as a nobody, treat you like you are nobody, stand in judgment of you, and act as if you’re beneath them. God has given me discernment about a lot of things, and now I can chuckle at other’s actions regarding me instead of running into a closet and crying. I mean, when I learned that my life or outcome wasn’t tied to anyone’s perception of me, I could keep trucking and chuck up the deuces, honey. I don’t know if I have haters, but I do know jealousy, envy, and a sense of feeling superior to me in other people. I guess that is a form of hate, isn’t it? Yup, I think it is. Well, I love how God turns things around and makes my enemies my step stool, how he has taken me from the gutter, and placed me on top of mountains where I couldn’t even be touched. I want to say I’m not bragging, but then and again, I am. My heavenly father takes such great care of me so that I can boast on him. So, let people think you’re a nobody, that you won’t succeed, that you can’t possibly rise above your circumstances and keep shining and moving in quiet. Stay humble and work. Remember, you’re not you’re past, and you’re not what people say or think you are. You are somebody pretty impressive and unique in your own right. You are who God says you are, who He created you to be, be the underdog and you will succeed! Trust the Process because you are special:)

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Published by ShesThatRN

I am an RN working on my DNP, preparing to launch several aspects of my new business and writing and getting ready to publish my first book. I love to write so blogging seemed like a great way to naturally express myself and publish my journey as a nurse.

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