Black Lives Matter

I was trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to say. Because quite honestly, Black Lives DON’T matter or else we wouldn’t be facing the constant injustices and murders of our Black and Brown sisters and brothers. When the life and well-being of animals supersede that of a human being. Well, Houston, we have a problem. See, I was wondering if the incident in the park with the White lady Amy who called the police on the Black man Christian was really about the injustice and hate at that moment. Because if you want my honest opinion, I think the lady got fired, and White people were in such an uproar because of the mistreatment of her dog. See, her dog appeared choking and in distress, and she did nothing to eliminate that dog’s pain. Much like the officer who occluded the airway of George Floyd and the other officers who further impeded blood and oxygen to other vital organs in Mr. Floyd’s body, they were all negligent in the untimely demise of this Black man. But who had to cry out and demand justice? The Black community had seen and had enough. It was time to fight back and pull a Nat Turner move on society minus the killing of White people.

You can’t understand why Black and Brown people are rioting and looting? It’s because we can’t understand why Black men and women are being murdered without reason. No one deserves to die because they’re jogging, breathing, walking, looking in the window of a house being built, driving down the street, or in more everyday language because we are Black. It is unfortunate that we have to use such drastic measures for other races to step up and use their privilege (White or otherwise) to call for change in this country. Undoubtedly, one must know that an uprising would be somewhere in the future. There has to be an understanding that you can’t cage a people up like animals with the expectation that they would calmly lie down and play nice. We, Black and Brown people are not animals. As I stated before, animals are treated with more respect and dignity than that of a Black man or woman.

Enough is enough! The time is now! There is no tomorrow if we can’t unite, and EVERYONE is afforded the same equality and rights as any other human being. We are human, so where is the humanity in the killings and where are the humanitarians who will stand and fight with us. Declaring that I am not racist is not enough. Taking a knee is not enough. Voting White supremacist and racist out of governmental offices, and changing the laws that condone the unfair and unjust treatment of Black and Brown people is what we need right now.

I think of the many ways Black and Brown people have had their airways occluded. Not being able to voice our opinions, being unable to voice concerns, being powerless and fearful of losing our jobs when we call out racist and racial discrimination, being silenced because of being placed in a specific category. All ways of smothering our voices and cutting off the air as if they are not vital to our survival as a people. STOP IT! And please don’t stand by and see the mistreatment of Black and Brown people and do nothing or say nothing. That is just as bad as actually putting your knee on our necks.

There is so much I could say, and I’ve had a relatively peaceful week, but my mind never rests. I have two Black sons, and I am Black, and my family is Black. So, there’s no time to take a break and think we’re in the clear. We will never be in the clear until it stops, and when things happen that are absolute, unequivocally WRONG, the perpetrators are brought to justice and sentenced as you would a Black person. Not the “White Privilege” sentence for crimes. If anything I say is hard to swallow, then chew on it a little longer so that it can go down and be properly digested. Okay. Now I’m done for today and …

Until Next Time,


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I am an RN working on my DNP, preparing to launch several aspects of my new business and writing and getting ready to publish my first book. I love to write so blogging seemed like a great way to naturally express myself and publish my journey as a nurse.

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