MirrorMe Creations

As promised, I’m introducing another young business owner that is creating wealth by using her natural God-given talents to customize beautiful works of art. Brittany is the creator of MirrorMe Creations, which specializes in custom pieces, including nightstands, end tables, vanity trays, personalized mirrors, and mirrored flower boxes. In addition to all those items, she also personalizes wine glasses, mugs, and ornaments. MirrorMe Creations are continuously expanding and adding new items weekly. They are a small business that only ships domestically but intends to expand internationally very soon.

I have the pleasure of working with Brittany and MirrorMe Creations to produce some of the products for my business, “ShesThatRN.” She is nothing short of amazingly talented and is a visionary. She is professional, and her work ethic is impeccable. She listens to what you need and delivers exactly that. We’ve met on more than one occasion to discuss my business needs and the length of time for the delivery of my order. She even brought me samples of what I wanted to show me how it looked and make any necessary changes I wanted. I love showing love to our small business owners who are making strides and taking the steps required to create generational wealth.

You can find MirrorMe Creations on IG: @Mirror.me_, Facebook: @TakeaLK, and to shop her beautiful products, please visit her Etsy shop @MirrorMe Creations. I’m honored to promote her business now let’s go and support this young sister who’s doing BIG things.

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I am an RN working on my DNP, preparing to launch several aspects of my new business and writing and getting ready to publish my first book. I love to write so blogging seemed like a great way to naturally express myself and publish my journey as a nurse.

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