Vacation After The Vacation

I’m back after a beautiful, much-needed rest in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I had a blast and really enjoyed not doing anything. I didn’t have a timeline or schedule. I just winged it every day. Whenever I talked to anyone on the phone, they asked the questions, “what did you do today? and what are you doing tomorrow?” My response was always “I don’t know” because I really didn’t know from day today. I did whatever I wanted to do.

Now y’all, I am relaxing from my vacation, LOL! It may sound crazy, but that’s what I’m choosing to do. Pssst, and I’ll be leaving for another vacation next Sunday. Listen, I’ve worked through the pandemic all last year and this year. I am so happy to have some time to take a break. I will be back on my grind at the beginning of October, and I’m kind of looking forward to venturing off. Right now, it seems like it’s between Texas and Arizona, but most likely, AZ will be first. As a travel nurse, I can explore other areas within the U.S. that I may not go to otherwise. I’m also looking forward to applying for my Hawaii license to do an assignment on one of the islands.

Although rough and exhausting, this pandemic has allowed me to pay off some debt and be able to do a few things I wanted to do, like a vacation. So, moving forward, I get to build my emergency fund and continue paying off debt while preparing for school. I also had a setback with losing my preceptor at the last minute. So, I have to start over finding someone to take on working with me to accomplish my end goal of getting my doctorate degree. I was so upset initially, but I am working on not worrying and stressing over things I cannot change. Instead, I am searching for someone else who can precept me. I have the project all worked out, and it’s all about Nursing resilience through the use of a health benefits package. It focuses on mindful meditation to improve nurse retention and decrease work-related stress of nurses. If you know any medical professionals with a practice of their own or who work within the medical field that wouldn’t mind partnering, please refer them to me. I need a nurse with a graduate degree (M.S., Ph.D., or DNP) willing to work with me to complete my program project. Of course, I do all the work, but they play an essential role in my success. I felt discouraged at first, but I’ve pulled myself together and refocused my attention on finding another organization/preceptor.

Don’t get stuck y’all. Cry it out, think it out, scream it out, but remember you can only change what you can. I believe that everything will fall into place as it should. Just put in the work. All in all, I’m doing well and have many things on my plate to accomplish. I want to encourage you to take the necessary time for yourself. Do what it is you can do, and don’t stress about anything you can’t change. Live life for today because if you haven’t learned yet, tomorrow isn’t a promise. Don’t forget to make time for yourself and treat yourself right. Peace and blessings, everyone.

Until Next Time,

Published by ShesThatRN

I am an RN working on my DNP, preparing to launch several aspects of my new business and writing and getting ready to publish my first book. I love to write so blogging seemed like a great way to naturally express myself and publish my journey as a nurse.

4 thoughts on “Vacation After The Vacation

  1. Awesome!
    So glad you made time to Relax and Reset.
    Nurses sometimes tend to forget about themselves because they focus on nursing others back to wellness.
    Live well, Mind, Body and Spirit

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  2. So glad you had time to relax, definately well deserved. I am very proud of you pusing though. You have planned yiur work sis, now work your plan !!!!!!! You are full of GREATNESS! The best is yet to come. I love you to the moon and back ,,,then back again ……Always my ROCK!

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