Culture, Diversity, Sensitivity, and Congruency in the Workplace

What are some of the phrases that come to mind when we think of cultural diversity, sensitivity, and congruency within the workplace? Things such as respect for others and one’s own cultural beliefs, morals, values, and language. All these things are correct and would accompany the general definition of culture and diversity. However, let usContinue reading “Culture, Diversity, Sensitivity, and Congruency in the Workplace”

To Advocate or Not? That is the Question…

Is there ever a choice of whether we should or should not advocate for our patients? Even when they’re not the kindest, friendliest, or nicest…do we decide they are not worthy of advocacy? Some nurses face challenges that would place them in predicaments where they don’t necessarily want to help or advocate for their patient.Continue reading “To Advocate or Not? That is the Question…”

Working Through It When It Seems The Odds are Stacked Against You!

So many things take place when a new person steps onto the scene. In the beginning, there are feelings of anxiety and fear for both the new person and the team awaiting their new arrival. This results in many challenges that you would normally hear people say you have to overcome. I, however, have managedContinue reading “Working Through It When It Seems The Odds are Stacked Against You!”

Dementia can make you feel crazy

So, as a nurse you always want to make people, things, and health situations better. Sometimes that’s impossible and out of your hands. Well, imagine taking care of a parent with Stage 4 terminal cancer and progressive dementia. Not an easy task. Every day is different and sometimes makes me feel like I’m going crazy.Continue reading “Dementia can make you feel crazy”