You DO Have Expectations and That’s OK!!!

I know I lie to myself when I say I have no expectations. We all have some level of expectation with anything we do or give. We can’t help it, we’re human and humans are naturally inclined to want something in return. As nurses we give unconditionally and often when we’re overworked, tired, no breaks,Continue reading “You DO Have Expectations and That’s OK!!!”

You Are Not A Registered Nurse…..Stop With The Lies

The crazy thing is anyone who wears scrubs are thought to be a nurse. NOT the case so, please don’t be deceived. I and my fellow registered nurses all over the world have worked really hard to get our credentials. We spent endless nights studying, taking test, failing than succeeding, hours with study groups, sacrificedContinue reading “You Are Not A Registered Nurse…..Stop With The Lies”