Day 1 & Done

Today was the first day of my challenge, and I murked it, lol. I did it when I came home. I make it the first thing I do besides changing into my workout clothes when I get through the door. I told you I was in the last challenge, so I started that one at 286 lbs, and this morning I weighed in for the new challenge and am now 272. 7 lbs. I was kind of embarrassed to share my weight and even more so my selfies. But I have to say that pictures and the way your clothes fit don’t lie. I can see a real difference and feel it too. So, for all the larger beautiful women like me who don’t get easily motivated because we feel like there aren’t people our size exercising and really losing the weight. That is not the case because I am proof. So, as I continue to encourage myself to make positive changes that are sure to impact my life and health for the better, I am also helping you as well. You can do this, and we can do this. Be diligent and consistent with yourself and your goals. Envision what you can’t see and then pay attention to the small wins like my waistband is feeling a little looser than before.
Winning the small battles lead to winning the war. I kept thinking there was nothing I could do to help myself. You see, I have a medical issue that requires surgery to improve what’s going on with the size of my stomach and my breathing/asthma. What I decided was that I am not going to make excuses and let health issues stop me . I am going to do whatever it takes until I can have the surgery. Surgery will correct the problem completely. But I have to tell you that I have seen a considerable decrease in my stomach since starting my weight loss and healthy living journey. Again, it’s winning the small battles until you overcome the war. I am taking a day at a time and hope that my story and journey to wholeness and health will help you to be encouraged. I am not quitting until I get what I came for. I’m rooting for you; now you root for YOU, and let’s get this done!

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I am an RN working on my DNP, preparing to launch several aspects of my new business and writing and getting ready to publish my first book. I love to write so blogging seemed like a great way to naturally express myself and publish my journey as a nurse.

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