Day 13 and A Little Less Mean

So y’all working out has brought out many emotions in me. Like, I’m literally a moody person, but exercising escalates certain moods. Like I can feel like I want to hit something, and it makes me workout harder. When I’m emotional, I tend to go slower with more intention. Either way, I can feel my complete workout. And let me say that today while doing more squats, I wondered just how many dang blang squats this coach has us doing in a week. I mean, I am squatting left and right. We gotta be in the hundreds every week, I’m telling you. Today, I felt nauseous and like I’m trying to come down with something. I contemplated all day about NOT working out and rationalizing the reason why my body needed the rest. Well, bump that because I still pushed through and did my workout. I’m not playing with you, “Sharon.” LOL, I said NO excuses, and I meant NO excuses. So, sick, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, you will be getting it in with all that hunti. I crack myself up at times, but seriously my health is so important to me. I’m determined to get and stay fit. Besides, my hubby is going to be healthy already, and he is not gonna want a slacker lol. I think I’ll take my sore body and lay it down for the night. I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow. Have a fantastic evening, get some good rest, and drink plenty of water.

Until Next Time,


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I am an RN working on my DNP, preparing to launch several aspects of my new business and writing and getting ready to publish my first book. I love to write so blogging seemed like a great way to naturally express myself and publish my journey as a nurse.

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