When They Think You’re Nobody Special:)

I sometimes sit back and think about people, places, and things. I tend to be more of an observer and not much of a talker. I’m a lot more observant of how people treat me now then I had been before. I used to give people a pass, trust them until they did something horribleContinue reading “When They Think You’re Nobody Special:)”

April Cook Salon

Hey, hey, hey y’all. I’m back, starting out my week by promoting a young, very talented young lady named April. April has her own hair salon business in the DMV area. April Cook Salon LLC provides her clients with an opportunity to express their own individual personality and fun side without ever going against theirContinue reading “April Cook Salon”

Missing In Action

I didn’t write anything last week, and that’s unusual because I’ve gotten into a rhythm of writing at least once a week. Now, it’s not that I didn’t have things to talk about, but I wasn’t with it mentally. You know how it sometimes gets when you feel a bit off and out of sorts.Continue reading “Missing In Action”

MirrorMe Creations

As promised, I’m introducing another young business owner that is creating wealth by using her natural God-given talents to customize beautiful works of art. Brittany is the creator of MirrorMe Creations, which specializes in custom pieces, including nightstands, end tables, vanity trays, personalized mirrors, and mirrored flower boxes. In addition to all those items, sheContinue reading “MirrorMe Creations”

Laying My Burdens Down

So, lately, I’ve been feeling blah, full of emotion, and tears galore. If you follow me, then you can kinda pick up that I’m an emotional being. My oldest son will say to me, “Ma, stop that foolishness. Lord, you’re the biggest cry baby in the world.” And I would respond, you’re right, and I’mContinue reading “Laying My Burdens Down”


I was too tired to post this last night, but I was at work yesterday, and I had 4 oncology patients all requiring something at the same time. I remember thinking, “Lord machines alarms are all beeping at the same time,” and I felt a little like my head was spinning for a minute tryingContinue reading “Prioritizing”


Hey guys, so once a week, sometimes twice a week, but I’ll be featuring an entrepreneur in my blog, and I’m so excited to feature today’s small business owner Angel. She is known on IG as “Thefitthickvegan” and on Facebook as “Thefit Thickvegan.” Her business domain is http://www.bankobodies.com, and you can go there to signContinue reading “Thefitthickvegan”

Home Away From Home

Hey guys, so I’ve been back at the Cancer center I left when my contract was over November 1st and let me tell you what. I missed these amazing women I am proud to call a part of my sister circle of nurse friends. I was so excited on Monday when I came in andContinue reading “Home Away From Home”